Although we never intend for one of our flying cameras to fail and fall from the sky, it is unfortunately the nature of electrical and mechanical systems to fail at some point in time.  Our equipment is maintained and tested to the highest standards to prevent such failure. Nonetheless, in order to prevent harm to persons or property, the following restrictions apply to all flights.

  • Since the cameras are navigated by using GPS satellite signals, the aircraft must have a clear view of the sky during operation.
  • The cameras may never fly over any persons or near crowds of people.
  • The cameras may only be flown over property after being given permission by the owner.
  • Wind must be less than 18 mph.
  • Cannot operate when there is a chance of rain or other inclement weather during the flight.
  • Aircraft must remain in sight of the pilot or observer at all times.

We also follow the guidelines established by the Remote Control Aerial Photography Association.