HDR Photo and Video

<2500 $140 $265
<3500 $150 $325
<4500 $165 $385
<6000 $185 $435
<8000 $220 $510
<10,000 $250 $570


Our professional photographers use state of the art equipment and advanced post production processes to produce brilliant photos. Photographs are delivered in web- friendly sizes and full size HD images for your convenience. Our pricing is based on the square footage of the home and not the amount of photos.


Video tours can only be purchased in combination with HDR photos. We film high resolution video of the exterior of the home, providing a realistic view of the landscape. We combine that video with our HDR photos of the interior to create a comprehensive tour of your property.

Aerial Photo and Video

Type Price
Basic Add On $200
Aerial Photos Only $250
Aerial Video $300
Aerial Photos & Video $350

Basic Aerial Add On

Aerial photos can be added to any photo job and aerial video to any video job. Included in our add on rate are basic aerial shots of the home and the closely surrounding property. Perfect for showcasing beautiful landscaping and waterfront homes.

Basic Aerial Photos

Includes the shooting and processing of aerial photos of a home and the closely surrounding property.

Aerial Video

Great for large properties and developments, a video made up entirely of aerial footage adds a bird’s eye view and dynamic perspective to your marketing package. Price includes 1 hour of shooting, additional time will be charged at $45 per half hour.

Additional Services

Voice Over Narration

For any video job, you can choose to add narration on top of the already included background music. Narration allows you to describe the features of a home in more detail. To add a realtor recorded voice narration is $30.

Agent/Firm Profiles

Use the power of online video to stand out and improve your sales performance. This video product will significantly increase your name recognition in the market. Call for a personalized quote.

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